Friday, August 15, 2014

IDWN Transparency

 Just like businesses and non-profits do in rl, I thought I would report to the group what we are doing to help promote the group and show where advertising money and shop rental money goes to.

If you have any suggestions of locations or ideas for advertising we would love to hear from you! Just send a notecard to me, Marla, or Emma.


Visitors for the IDWN Wedding Expo: 1300

Visitors to the Plaza for August:

[18:10] The Plaza Visitor Counter: 28 people have been here so far today.
[18:10] The Plaza Visitor Counter: 326 total visitors since August 2, 2014.

Blog Numbers:

Total Page Views: 21697
Views for July: 608


Likes: 97 (gaining steadily 1-2 a week since the Expo)

Current Locations Advertising:

SL Forums
Wet Willies
Hunt SL Website
Network of Business Women (Facebook)
Second Life 24 H Spam (Facebook)
Avatar Hookup

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