IDWN Hunts

1. HPC - Starting Location SLURL

Hint:  Leave the door open for me this season cause baby I'm coming home!

2. Chapel of Dreams - SLURL

Hint: Chapel visitors, alone or in pairs... make sure you peek under the stairs!

3. PDN's Potpurri - SLURL
hint- It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

4. Wedding-2-Go - SLURL
(may need to skip and come back)

5. B Barbie Style - SLURL
Hint: Dear Santa, I have been a little naughty this year.

6. X-Sight - SLURL

Hint: I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause underneath this!
7. Charming Beginnings - SLURL
HINT:  Enter my office on the left and you'll find me occupying the lonely plant. 
8. Timeless Weddings - SLURL
Hint: Online or offline your prize will always shine
Hint: A great place to hang your stockings!
10. X-Clusive Animations - SLURL
Hint: For a golden gift find a room with HUDS & ENGINES
Where there are engines for lots of precious stones.
But the one you need is none of these,
Neither do you seek Gold or Platinum
11. Aprodite Shop - SLURL
Hint: "Right under Santa, i would say!"

12. Zoobatos - SLURL
Hint: Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing,
A ring. I don't mean on the phone"
 13. FLOOD Winter Market - SLURL
Hint: While going into the building to get warm I discovered you can eat Rudolph!  Who knew!

14. Grumble - SLURL - Hint: It's not silver or gold, but shiny black and it's GACHA!

15. Sam's Studio55 - SLURL
Hint: Love is in the air.

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