Advertising with IDWN

Thank you for your interest in advertising with IDWN Magazine. We pride ourselves on creating a professional and informative publication as well as a great marketing tool geared towards potential customers.

Our rates are competitive and affordable compared to other magazine publications in SL. Ad space will be filled on first come first served basis. You will have to renew monthly if you want to keep your current ad location. **All one page ads must be submitted in 1024 x 1024 size and two page ads 1024 x 2048 with 72 resolution.**

Ads should be emailed to rather than passed in Second LIfe to ensure that they don't get lost.

Please see below for pricing.

Premiere Ad Space- All Premiere ads are only available as a 2 page spread

Inside Cover Pages
1&2 - $5000 L **Reserved**

3 & 4 - $4000 L

Last Pages - $2000 L

Secondary Ad Space - These can be a 1 or 2 page spread and will be placed randomly throughout the issue.

2 page spread - $1500 L
1 page spread - $1000 L
512x512 ad space - $500 L
256x256 ad space - $250 L

A price for a trial period can be negotiated for first time placement. Regular pricing will be reinstated after in following issues.  Pages 1&2 are excluded from trial pricing.

Personal Ad Space - These can NOT be used for promoting a business.
1 page spread - $750 L
512x512 personal ad space - $500 L
256x256 personal ad space - $250 L
512x256 personal ad space - $150 L

Other Ad promotions - If you would like a feature, to promote an event, or promote yourself beyond advertising here are a few options:

Feature or Review (4 pages + 2 Ads) - $4250 L
Event Promotion (3 pages + 1 Ad) - $3250 L
2 page Wedding Announcement - $1500 L
1 page Wedding Announcement - $1000 L
512x512 Wedding Announcement - $750 L

Ad Design Services - If you want a professional look for your ad but may not have the tools to design it, we offer design services for you.

1 page ad - $6000 L and includes photography, layout, model, and full copy copy rights for future use.
2 page ad - $7000 L and includes photography, layout, model, and full copy rights for future use.

Pricing is per issue. IDWN Magazine is published in January, March, May, July, September and November over the 4th weekend. Due date for advertising is the 3rd weekend of the month of publication

Contact Pac Lorefield IDWN Editor in Chief if you want to renew.

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