Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Golden Egg Hunt - Update!

It's been found! Congratulations to Beatriz Humphreys who found our first Golden Egg! Make sure you stay glued to group notices, Facebook, or the blog for when I announce the next hidden egg!

During the month of April in honor of Spring and Easter I will be hiding a golden egg through out the sim. The golden egg could be worth anywhere from $25 L up to $1500 L. I will announce when the egg is hidden and you will have to race others to find it because only 1 will be hidden at a time. I will announce at random when they are hidden. The winner will be paid and I will let the group know when it has been found.
P.s It isn't named so your hunt finders won't help ya

P.S.S. The egg is now hidden

Happy Hunting!

Click for SLURL

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