Monday, December 2, 2013

Better Late than Never!

I say it is a record that after a year and a half this is the first issue to be late. Unfortunately, our Editor-n-Chief became ill the week of publication. But she quickly got it together and now has finally released it!

This issue is all about the magic of Winter in Second Life and how that can be used to add glamour to those Winter Weddings.

You may notice we don't have a hunt involved with this issue. That's because we are doing a progressive hunt starting on Dec. 13th. But we did put a special surprise inside. If you want to know who is involved with the 12 Days of Christmas Hunt simple look for the icon displayed below inside the magazine. Then make sure to check back here on the 13th for the first location reveal!

Enjoy! ***Click HERE to view Volume 2 Issue 2***

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