Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Message Regarding IDWN

I appreciate each of you and the life you bring to the I Do Wedding Network. You have all been great supporters of the hunts, events, and magazine. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and support of all our members.

At this time I want to just remind everyone what IDWN is all about. Our group represents the great Wedding Industry in SL. We all have come here with different interests, specialties, and business to network and strengthen the wedding industry in SL.

And though we tend to swim in the same pool of clients I would hope that we are respectful of each others businesses and venues. I also hope that no group member would intentionally try to fraud other members, bad mouth each others businesses in an open forum, or steal clients away.

Please help me continue to grow our wonderful group. Each and every one of you has something to contribute.

The one year anniversary is coming up in June of IDWN and I'm looking forward to some exciting announcements, our second annual Wedding Expo, and the continuation of our online magazine.

As a reminder, we currently have a survey up on the blog. Please if you can take 5 mins to answer the questions it will help me with implenting tools and other resources that will benefit you and your business in the future.


And if you do come across a fellow group member violating what has been discussed in this post or tainting the I Do Wedding Network name, and have not been able to rectify the situation on your own, please document the issue in a notecard and send it to me, Marla Marx, or Serbon Cobalt.


Pac Lorefield, IDWN Owner

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