Sunday, December 30, 2012

IDWN Valentine Ad Space

 Give something unique this year to your favorite Valentine. Our rates are affordable for all budget types!

Sizing and Pricing

256 x 256 : $100 L

512 x 512 : $400 L

1024 x 1024 : $800 L

You can make your purchase at the *HPC* Main Store.

How does this work?

1- Select the size of your personal ad and pay vendor.

2 - Accept the small IDWN transferable gift that will have the link to the magazine with your personalized ad inside.

3 - Create your personal ad and send it via email. Instructions for this will be provided with the gift at time of purchase.

4 - Give the gift anytime after the January 28th publication.

What if I'm not creative enough?

Need help designing your ad? Not a problem. IDWN can help out. Contact Pac Lorefield to help. (Additional fees will vary).

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