Saturday, April 7, 2012

"I Do" Wedding Expo

~That time of year is here. You know what we are talking about...beautiful flowers, gorgeous gowns and dresses, smooth silk tuxes, delicious cakes and most of all the people we love. It is wedding time!  The "I Do" Wedding Network is here to help make that day as special as can be~

The I Do Wedding Expo is a month long fair of 10 or more of some of the best wedding vendors in Second Life, offering you great services and products for that special day.

We are currently looking for designers and services to help get this event going. Throughout the month we will be holding special events to keep the crowds moving. These will include live performers, a couples night with great prize giveaways, and maybe even a fair wide hunt!

Vendors will pay a 200L entry fee with a choice of their cart once announced they are ready for choosing. You will also have an easel with your logo beside the cart.

Please contact Pac Lorefield or Sareena Firecloak in world for more info

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